DIY: Blotting sheets

Hello everyone!

Most of us deal with oily skin at one point or another, especially during the warmer months.  The most common way that people get rid of oil on their faces is by applying more product but this results in a "cakey face"!

A much better way to get rid of oil on your skin, without messing up your make-up is by blotting - using a paper-like material to soak up the oil on your face.

You can buy your blotting sheets, or you could also make your own for a much cheaper price.  Here’s how…
You will need:
  • Wrapping tissue paper - a type of thin, translucent paper used for wrapping presents and cushioning fragile items.
  • Scissors

  1. Find some wrapping tissue paper!  Even if you do not have old wrapping tissue on hand, buying a pack will be cheaper than buying the actual oil blotting sheets.
  2. You could either, fold the paper/s in half and cut along that line.  Repeat this process as many times as you see fit.  Store the sheets in a small envelop.  Or you could also cut the paper into circles and store the sheets in an empty loose powder case.
  3. Blot away! I find that these work just as well as any store brand I tried. 

Some people suggest using toilet seat covers as blotting paper.  That is a good idea only if you intend to buy a pack of toilet seat covers.  NEVER use those found at public restrooms.  Besides having contact with a lot of people’s hands, the cover dispenser is constantly sprayed by the toilet water (whenever the toilet is flushed).  Yuck!

Let me know if you try this DIY!


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