Purse essentials for a night out! (Happy New Year)

 Amazing Pheobe Embellished Hardcase clutch (Accessorize) 
Never leave for a night out without…

Oil blotting paperThere’s a fine line between glowing and greasy.  Dab away the oil gently so you don't wipe away what's left of your make-up.  TipIf you don't have blotting papers, head to the ladies' room and tear off a piece of toilet-seat-cover paper.  

Lip glossChoose a gloss with some shine and a hint of colour.

Q-tipsGood for cleaning up smudgy eye make-up.
Eyebrow gel/Clear mascara Just in case you notice your eyebrows need some grooming.
Hairbrush, hair bands and bobby pins - In case you need to tame your hair.
Hand sanitiser Hand sanitiser is a lot quicker than going to the the bathroom to wash your hands. 

And last but not least, don't forget your compact mirror.

Wishing that you are blessed with all that you desire in the year ahead.  Happy New Year! 

What are you purse essentials for a night out?



  1. What a great post! I love taking a clutch on a night out, happy new year!
    Please check out my blog and follow me if you like it!



  2. I came across your blog on elleandblair.com! You brought up some great tips, I always forget my oil blotting paper and regret it everytime. Good luck to you!

    xoxo, HELLOH MOLLY


  3. Thanks @HELLOH MOLLY I'm glad you liked my post! :)


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