Make them shine...with a nail buffer!

Hello everyone!

Nail polish is not the only way to get your nails to look smooth and shiny.  Nail buffers are also used to smooth and polish the nail.

Most buffers have three sides and the three together create that salon finish in only a few minutes.  If you want to give yourself a manicure or a pedicure, a three-way buffer is essential.  Using a nail buffer is also great for men who don’t want to wear nail polish!

before and after buffing!

Here are some tips…

Step 1:
Remove your nail polish.  Use an acetone-free nail polish remover on a clean cotton ball.  Wash your hands thoroughly to remove any traces of polish remover.

Step 2:
Trim your nails with nail scissors/clippers/file.  Do not use the buffer to sand away large amounts of length.

Step 3:
Use the roughest side of your buffer on the top surface of your nail.  Only buff until you've removed surface ridges.  Avoid overusing the gritty side of the buffer because it can weaken and thin the nail.

3-way buffer

Step 4:
Use the second roughest side of the nail buffer to smooth out the nail surface.  Buffing can stimulate blood flow to the nail which encourages nail growth.  

4-way buffer

Step 5:
Use the smoothest side to buff your nails smooth.  Use a vigorous back and forth motion across the width of the nail to create a glossy look.

Repeat the buffing treatment whenever you start to lose your shine or notice more ridges.

NOTE: The emery board nail file should not be used to buff the surface of the nails.

Do you use nail buffers?  Leave a comment!



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  1. I don't really use a buffer bUt it looks like it makes a HUGE difference . I don't know if i'd buy one but i am so going to be telling EVERYONE they need one!

  2. my nails get crazy ridges on them when I don't buff :(
    I rmbr I got this nail kit at the mall kiosk but it's all done now.

    do you suggest any good brands/

  3. @Shmon I use a 3 way buffer from "The body shop" and the "Revlon crazy shine" also has great reviews!

  4. I love how easy it is to use a nail buffer and what a difference it makes! Great post.

    I'm following your blog, would you please check out mine & follow back if you like it? xx

  5. I love your blog, so I decided to follow! tons of great tips

  6. @Balsam Wadairsons Thanks! I'm glad you like my blog. :)

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