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Thursday, May 31, 2012

White eyeliner tips and tricks

May 31, 2012 2 Comments

I haven’t posted in a while … but now I’m back!  Today I want to talk to you about white eyeliner.  White eyeliner is mostly used as a highlighter but there are other ways you can use it.  Here are some tips and trick for your eyes, eyebrows and even lips!

·     Use white eyeliner to line your waterline.  This will open up your eyes and make them look bigger. 
·     After applying your eye shadow, use white eyeliner to line the inner corner of your eye.  This will brighter up the eyes. 
·     You can make any colour of eyeliner you want with some eye shadow and white eyeliner.  All you have to do is line your top lid, and then apply any colour of eye shadow over that line.
·     Use white eyeliner as a base for your eye shadow.  This will make the eye shadow pop at the base of the lid.
·     You can also use your white liner like you would any other liner.  This will make you eyelashes look longer, especially if you were black mascara.

·     Use underneath your eyebrows as a highlighter.
·     Use white eyeliner as a guide when you tweeze your eyebrows.  Draw the shape you want for your brows, the pluck anything that falls outside the white line.

·     Apply a touch of white eyeliner above and below the lips to make them pop.  Don’t forget to blend!

Do you use white eyeliner?  What fun tricks do you use?  Leave a comment and let me know.


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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Mother's day at-home spa experience!

May 12, 2012 0 Comments

Hello everyone!

Tomorrow is mother’s day.  You can go the predictable way and give your mom a gift certificate to a spa, or you can take a unique approach and give her a spa experience in her own home.  Pampering your mom for mother's day is a fabulous and thoughtful gift she'll surely appreciate.  

At-home spa ideas:
  • facial
  • relaxing warm bath
  • manicure and/or pedicure (Click here for DIY pedicure tips.)

Make sure you set the perfect mood for your mom's at-home spa experience!  You can make it visual with candles, use sound by playing soft music, use scented candles or  aromatherapy oils, and activate taste with relaxing herbal teas.

What are the benefits of creating an at-home spa?
An at-home spa experience allows you to relax at any time and is very inexpensive.  And sometimes people relax more at home.  

You can take the at- home spa experience all the way by making your own beauty treatments.
These are some of my favourite recipes:
…For more DIY beauty click here and here

You can also make this mother’s day a mother-daughter spa day!  What are your plans for mother’s day? 

Have an awesome weekend!

Picture from here.

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Make them shine...with a nail buffer!

May 08, 2012 7 Comments
Hello everyone!

Nail polish is not the only way to get your nails to look smooth and shiny.  Nail buffers are also used to smooth and polish the nail.

Most buffers have three sides and the three together create that salon finish in only a few minutes.  If you want to give yourself a manicure or a pedicure, a three-way buffer is essential.  Using a nail buffer is also great for men who don’t want to wear nail polish!

before and after buffing!

Here are some tips…

Step 1:
Remove your nail polish.  Use an acetone-free nail polish remover on a clean cotton ball.  Wash your hands thoroughly to remove any traces of polish remover.

Step 2:
Trim your nails with nail scissors/clippers/file.  Do not use the buffer to sand away large amounts of length.

Step 3:
Use the roughest side of your buffer on the top surface of your nail.  Only buff until you've removed surface ridges.  Avoid overusing the gritty side of the buffer because it can weaken and thin the nail.

3-way buffer

Step 4:
Use the second roughest side of the nail buffer to smooth out the nail surface.  Buffing can stimulate blood flow to the nail which encourages nail growth.  

4-way buffer

Step 5:
Use the smoothest side to buff your nails smooth.  Use a vigorous back and forth motion across the width of the nail to create a glossy look.

Repeat the buffing treatment whenever you start to lose your shine or notice more ridges.

NOTE: The emery board nail file should not be used to buff the surface of the nails.

Do you use nail buffers?  Leave a comment!


Saturday, May 05, 2012

Using an epilator

May 05, 2012 3 Comments

Hello everyone! 

Today I want to talk to you about my favorite hair removal method: using an epilator!

I’ve been using an epilator for eight years now and I love it!  Removing hairs at the root means that hair won’t grow back for weeks.  Plus, constant epilation reduces the amount of hair re-growth!

The coil springs in the epilator grab the hair at the root and pull it out.  It's one of the more affordable ways to remove hair, as you don't have to deal with the expense of shaving or waxing.  In addition, once you get the hang of using an epilator, it takes less time than shaving.

I've been using this model for 8 year!

Does it hurt?

I’m not going to lie, the first time I used it, it HURT and left my skin red and irritate, BUT by the second use the hair was thinner and it didn’t hurt as much!     

Always start epilating the areas where it's less painful.  The lower legs are the least painful area for most women (the underarm and bikini area are the most painful).  For reduced pain, stretch skin with your hand.  By the time you proceed to the more sensitive areas, you'll feel less pain as the pain threshold goes up and the skin gets used to epilation. 

How often you epilate depends on one's hair growth.  Epilating frequently has two benefits: your pain threshold increases and your overall hair growth reduces over time. 


Exfoliate a couple times of week use a body scrub, loofah or ayate washcloth.  Always exfoliate both before and after epilation. 

I apply pure aloe vera gel post-epilation to sooth the skin.  Using thick lotions just after epilation could block pores and cause ingrown hair.  Using a skin toner after epilating can also aid in preventing ingrown hair because it helps close the pore.  For more information read Removing and preventing ingrown hair

Depending on your pain threshold and how sensitive your skin is, an epilator can be an excellent choice for removing hair. 

Have you ever used an epilator?  What was your experience?  Leave a comment!


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Photo from here.

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Sunscreen 101

May 01, 2012 2 Comments
Hello everyone!  How’s the weather?

Here in Malta, it feels like Summer.  That’s the reason I’ve been MIA this week; I’ve been enjoying the good weather! J

Sunny days = High SPF sunscreen/sun-block days.  That means; it’s time to talk sun-blocks…

  • Everyone, regardless of skin type, should be wearing a sunscreen with a Sun Protection Factor (SPF) of at least 15 daily.
  • The SPF indicates how much longer you can stay in the sun without burning than you could with unprotected skin.  For example, if it takes 15 minutes for a person to burn without sunscreen, an SPF 15 will (theoretically) allow him or her to stay in the sun 15 times longer without burning. 
  • Sun-blocks should be applied at least 30 minutes prior to sun exposure.  Even water-resistant/proof sunscreens need to be re-applied every 1-2 hours. 
  • A good sunscreen needs to cover both the UVA and UVB spectrum of radiation.
  • The most serious form of skin cancer is malignant melanoma.  Malignant melanomas start as small brown/ black marks (look like moles).  They can also develop from an existing mole. 
  • The best way to catch skin cancer early is to check your skin regularly.  You need to be looking for any changes in size, shape, texture, and colour of existing moles or birthmarks.
  • Skin cancer can pop up anywhere, even between your toes, on your scalp, on your lips and in your ears, so be sure to apply sunscreen from your head to your feet.  (Some people look at me like I'm crazy when they see my re-applying my sunscreen at the beach.  Lol!)


Last summer my cousin’s bf told me I was “too pale” and that “I needed to go out in the sun more”.  Really?!  My answer to that was very similar to what Leonard once told Penny I'm not indoorsy.  I just wear the appropriate sun-block because I don't take melanoma lightly.” (The Big Bang Theory 02x11)  And that I love my skin colour and don’t feel the need to change it as the seasons change! ;)

Enjoy the good weather and take good care of your skin!