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One of my new year’s resolutions is to be more organised.  So far I think I’m doing a good job.  So, recently I came across I site called clipix.   Clipix solves the problem we all sometimes have of seeing loads of things online each day and never having a good way to save and organise them.  It’s a very useful tool and it helps me organise my life online too!
Clipix is the perfect tool for those who like to have a place where they can save and organise all their favourite items.  Create a free account and you can start creating clipboards where you can save everything that you see online.  You can also organise them in any way you want.  You can customise the settings of your clipboards and choose whether you want to share them with your friends or not.  You can also set the privacy settings of each board individually.
Setting up my account was as easy as signing in using Twitter or Facebook.  However, if you don’t want to use either of those, you can just sign up using an e-mail.
At the moment I have various clipboards on my clipix account:  I have a clipboard where I clip interesting articles I come across.  I have one labelled “Gift ideas”; where I clip things I like and think would make a great gift for my family or friends.


Another one labeled “Fashion”; where I clip cute outfits and accessories for future reference.


I also have a clipboard labelled “Hair straighteners”; where I clip straighteners I like.  That way I can easily compare features and prizes.


Besides, you are not limited to just using clipix on your computer.  Clipix also offers and iPhone app.
Here is a video with a little more information on clipix:

I love that I can use clipix for organizing anything and everything online.

What are you going to use clipix for?  Tell me in the comments below.


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