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Up2Step | Fashion and wedding shoes

Hello everyone! Today's blog post is a little different.  As I previously told you, since the beginning of the pandemic,  I'm always searching for new online stores that I can share with you.  In many areas around the world, my country included, at the moment all non-essential stores are closes and therefore all shopping has to be done online.  Luckily, I was recently introduced to an online store that sells both classic and trendy shoes and I have to share the link with all of you; my readers, and tell you a little bit more about it. At Up2Step  you can find various kinds of shoes, namely; sandals, pumps, boots and flats.  Additionally, they also have a vast selection of wedding shoes , and in this post, I want to tell you more about them.   Most ladies will agree that the shoes you wear at your wedding are just as important as the wedding dress.   There are many models of wedding shoes to choose from; from heels to sandals to flats to wedges and I even found a pair of weddin

Dresses of Girl | Bridesmaid Dresses

Hello everyone! Choosing  bridesmaid dresses  is a crucial yet stressful part of every wedding.  What looks great on one of your bridesmaid might not work for the other ladies.  Instead of stressing out about finding one dress and shade that will fit everyone, why not let them all look a little different?   Bridesmaid style has come a long way in the last few years.  Gone are the days of everyone wearing the same dress.  More and more brides are letting their bridesmaids choose their own dresses because they want their maids to feel good about what they're wearing .  And it's a fact of life that not everyone has an identical body type.  Today, brides are mixing it up by having bridesmaids wear dresses with different styles, fabrics, and colours that make it way more interesting and fun.  This trend highlights each individual woman's style and ensure she is wearing a dress that makes her feel great.   Furthermore, mismatched bridesmaids dresses bring your  wedding

Dresses of Girl | Wedding Dresses

Hello everyone! The wedding day is said to be the most important day in a woman's life.    It could easily be said that a wedding  gown  is the single  most important   piece of clothing a woman can wear!   Nevertheless, finding the perfect wedding dress can also cause a lot of stress and worry.   In today's post I want to introduce you to an online boutique that can  relieve you from the stress of dress shopping.   I was invited by Hannah of Dresses of Girl to check out their site and I was very impressed with their vast collection of quality dresses at unbelievable prices.  If you're searching for a gorgeous bridal dress for your big day, DressesofGirl is your one-stop wedding dress online store.  Here are a few of my personal favourite wedding dresses : Dresses 1 , 2 and 3 . Dresses 4 , 5 and 6 . Dress number five is hands down my absolute favourite!   The dresses I like are all vintage inspired and somewhat conservative.  However, if y