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Mother's day at-home spa experience!

Hello everyone! Tomorrow is mother’s day .  You can go the predictable way and give your mom a gift certificate to a spa, or you can take a unique approach and give her a spa experience in her own home.  Pampering your mom for mother's day is a fabulous and thoughtful gift she'll surely appreciate.   At-home spa ideas: facial relaxing warm bath manicure and/or pedicure (Click here for DIY pedicure tips.) Make sure you set the perfect mood for your mom's at-home spa experience!  You can make it visual with candles, use sound by playing soft music, use scented candles or  aromatherapy oils, and activate taste with relaxing herbal teas. What are the benefits of creating an at-home spa? An at-home spa experience allows you to relax at any time and is very inexpensive.  And sometimes people relax more at home.   You can take the at- home spa experience all the way by making your own beauty treatments. These are some of my favourite recip

Facial sauna

Hello everyone! My favourite gift this Christmas was a facial sauna .  For those of you who don’t know what it is, it’s basically a facial steamer you can use at home. The benefits of facial steaming: Deep skin cleansing. Softens the skin and removes blackheads, dead skin cells and pollution.   Boosts blood circulation, which is essential for the reproduction of new cells. Can reduce acne. Unclogs  stuffed sinuses.  You don’t need facial sauna equipment  to give yourself a steam facial at home.  Follow these instructions to safely steam your face at home, using a bowl and hot water . ·          Pull your hair away from your face. ·          Wash your face with a mild cleanser, and rinse well. ·          Put 5 cups of distilled water into a large pot and bring to a boil. ·          Transfer the hot water to a large glass bowl.   ·          Place your face over the bowl of steaming hot water. ·          Cover your head with a towel.  If