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Up2Step | Fashion and wedding shoes

Hello everyone! Today's blog post is a little different.  As I previously told you, since the beginning of the pandemic,  I'm always searching for new online stores that I can share with you.  In many areas around the world, my country included, at the moment all non-essential stores are closes and therefore all shopping has to be done online.  Luckily, I was recently introduced to an online store that sells both classic and trendy shoes and I have to share the link with all of you; my readers, and tell you a little bit more about it. At Up2Step  you can find various kinds of shoes, namely; sandals, pumps, boots and flats.  Additionally, they also have a vast selection of wedding shoes , and in this post, I want to tell you more about them.   Most ladies will agree that the shoes you wear at your wedding are just as important as the wedding dress.   There are many models of wedding shoes to choose from; from heels to sandals to flats to wedges and I even found a pair of weddin

My FSJ shoes picks

Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.  - Marilyn Monroe Hello everyone! Hope you are all doing well. Recently I was introduced to an amazing online shoe store called  FSJ shoes .  FSJ makes shoes, suitable for every style and occasion.  You can find them at  and trust me; you will find, more than a few, shoes you love! At FSJ shoes you can find a lovely selection of shoes including  kitten heels .  A kitten heel is a short, slender heel, usually from 3.5 centimetres (1.5 inches) to 4.75 centimetres.  Personally, I love wearing a kitten heel, especially in the daytime.  If kitten heels aren’t your style, then you can also find  stilettos, flats, chunky heels, wedges and many more .  In today’s post, I put together some of my favourite shoes that I wish I could have in my closet right now. Here are a few of my favourite pairs from FSJ : Green Vintage Heels Pointy Toe Women's Kitten Heel Pumps   Black