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How to apply perfume to make it last longer

Hello everyone! Applying your perfume is probably the fastest step in your beauty routine; a few sprays here and there, and you’re done. You may not even think about how to apply perfume, but you're probably  applying it the wrong way . Yes, there is in fact a right and a wrong way to apply your fragrance.  Here are some secrets to make your scents last: Apply perfume right after taking your shower Perfume is able to absorb better into the skin when it's warm and the pores are open. So it's a good idea to apply it post-shower once the skin is dry but still warm. Apply perfume after using an unscented body oil or lotion Dry skin doesn't hold perfume, as well as oily skin, does. The oilier your skin is, the better it holds scent.   So layer on an  unscented  body oil or lotion, and then apply your perfume. Make sure your deodorant is unscented too When you're wearing a perfume, stick with an unscented deodorant to make sure the different aromas don't clash. Try fr

DIY: Vegan solid perfume

Hello everyone! A few years ago I posted a DIY recipe for solid perfume .  In that recipe I used beeswax (back then I was not a vegan), so today I decided to give you a vegan   alternative . Ingredients: 2 tsp  candelilla wax or soy wax  2 tsp sweet almond oil 40-50 drops of your favourite essential oil(s) Note - floral scents are uplifting and romantic, vanilla is warm and sweet, and wood scents can be grounding and calming.   Method: Melt wax and carrier oil in a microwave.  Or if you want to double boil, follow the method in this post:   DIY: Solid perfume Add essential oil(s).   While your perfume mix is still liquid, pour it into the tins.  Wait until the mix cools and hardens, before moving the tins or closing the lids. Solid perfumes are easy to package, carry, and re-apply ; also handmade perfumes make wonderful gifts. What other kinds of DIY beauty recipes would you like to see on Cosette's Beauty Pantry ?  

DIY: Perfumed body powder

Hello everyone! Today I will show you another beauty DIY; your own customized perfumed body powder .  This also makes a great last minute gift , and I bet you can find all the necessary ingredients at home. You will need: cotton balls or cotton disks a  perfume/essential oils of your choice corn flour (cornstarch) a glass jar with a lid powder puff Method: Get a cotton ball or two and spray them with your favorite perfume.  About 30 sprays.  You can also put drops of essential oils like rose or lavender on the cotton balls instead. Place the cotton ball(s) in the bottom of the glass jar. Fill the container about half full with corn flour (cornstarch) and close the lid. Shake the container vigorously. Let the perfumed powder mixture stand for 10-14 days so the perfume/oils can penetrate the powder. Use a powder puff and enjoy your own  customized  perfumed body powder!

DIY: Solid perfume

Hello everyone! Here’s how you can make an easy , portable , all-natural solid perfume .  Ingredients: beeswax carrier oil (like jojoba, sweet almond or grapeseed) essential oil/s of your choice Use equal parts grated beeswax and carrier oil ( 2 teaspoons of each ) and about 40-45 drops of essential oil. You will also need an  old lip balm container . Method: In a small bowl/container, measure out your essential oil blend and make sure you like the smell while it’s concentrated.   Keep in mind that the smell will soften once you add it to the  beeswax and carrier oil . In a small double boiler , start the water heating on the bottom pot and melt your measured beeswax into the dry top pot.   When your beeswax is pretty much melted, add in the carrier oil and stir until everything is liquid. Turn the heat off and mix in your essential oil/s .   Carefully pour your homemade perfume mixture into your chosen container.   If, for some reason, the