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Using an epilator

Hello everyone!  Today I want to talk to you about my favorite hair removal method: using an epilator ! I’ve been using an epilator for eight years now and I love it!  Removing hairs at the root means that hair won’t grow back for weeks.   Plus, constant epilation reduces the amount of hair re-growth! The coil springs in the epilator grab the hair at the root and pull it out.  It's one of the more affordable ways to remove hair, as you don't have to deal with the expense of shaving or waxing.  In addition, once you get the hang of using an epilator, it takes less time than shaving. I've been using this model for 8 year! Does it hurt? I’m not going to lie, the first time I used it, it HURT and left my skin red and irritate, BUT by the second use the hair was thinner and it didn’t hurt as much!      Always start epilating the areas where it's less painful.  The lower legs are the least painful area for most women (the underarm and bik

Shaving tips

Today, women are increasingly opting for epilation and laser hair removal.  However, shaving remains the most popular form of hair removal. Here are some shaving tips and tricks: Do not shave dry skin .   Shaving is a natural exfoliator and if you shave dry skin, you risk clogging up the razor with dead skin.   This may result in nicks, ingrown hair and razor burns. Only use shaving cream recommended for women, not soap!   Leave the shaving cream on for 3-4 minutes to soften up the hair.   Experiment with razors until you find the perfect one for you.   Look for a razor with lubricated strips, pivoting heads and multiple blades.   Be sure to change razors or cartridges on a regular basis; a dull blade can lead to nicks and irritation. Be sure to exfoliate your skin before shaving.   This gets rid of dead skin cells, allowing a closer shave. There are several ways to exfoliate. Since your leg hairs grow down, start at your ankles and shave up.   For your

Removing and preventing ingrown hair

Ingrown hair is a condition where the hair curls back or grows sideways into the skin.  Ingrown hair can affect any part of the body, not just areas that are depilated or epilated in any way.  Usually, they are minor irritations that can be painful and can become infected if left untreated. Tips to help you get rid of ingrown hair:   Exfoliate the area.  This will help to remove any dead skin cells, dirt and oils that might be trapping the ingrown hair.  I suggest using an all-natural sugar scrub ! Apply a small amount of acne medication ; ingrown hair is very similar to a blemish. Apply a warm compress for a few minutes to soften the skin and bring the hair to the surface. Use a sterile needle or tweezers to gently tease the hair out of the skin.  The warm compress should have brought the hair to the surface.  If it hasn't,  do not try to remove the hair.   Use a blackhead/ comedone extractor .  The comedone extractor is very simple to use.  Just press the too