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How often should you trim your hair? ✂️

Hello everyone! You have all heard that you should get a trim regularly if you want to keep your hair strong and healthy, but how do you know when the right time is?  How often you should cut your hair depending on your hair texture and your current haircut . Many hairstylists used to suggest getting a trim once a month, every four (4) weeks.  Yes, if you have short hair , you should trim it every four weeks; if you want to keep your current hairstyle.  However, if you have medium-length hair , a cut every four weeks is probably too often.  Getting a haircut every eight (8) to twelve (12) weeks is a better option to keep your medium length looking healthy without growing it out long. If you have long hair , you can wait even more than eight to twelve weeks between haircuts.  A  haircut every three (3) to four (4) months will work best for your needs.  You have to give your hair time to grow (about 0.5 inches each month) between cuts to avoid sacrificing length.  When I used to wear m

My current haircut

Hello everyone! Through the years, my hair has been anywhere from pixie short to knee length long (when I was 9/10).  A few years back I did a tag post where I answered questions about my hair; check it out - Tag post: My hair .  My hair usually flows between a mid-length that is a few inches below my collarbone, to something longer roughly at bra strap length.   My hair right now (August 2020) is pretty long;  mid-back length with layers throughout .  I also have soft face-framing layers (grown out bangs).  T he shortest layers start just below my chin when curly.   I prefer a u-shaped cut over a v-shape.  Now I trim my hair every 8 (eight) weeks, I used to trim it every 4 (four) weeks until a few months ago when I wanted to keep it shorter.  I've been cutting and dying my own hair since 2007-2008!    I am not encouraging anyone to cut their own hair.  I'm just telling you what I do and how I get this haircut.  If you do not feel confident   do not

Essential oils to add to your shampoo

Hello everyone! Today I want to share another easy way to use essential oils  – adding essential oils to your shampoo !  Making your hair healthy and stronger couldn’t get any easier.   It doesn’t really matter what shampoo you use, you too can experience the benefits of adding essential oils to your hair routine! Essential oils are packed with amazing antioxidants and other compounds that are healing, restorative and stimulating.   Nevertheless ; trying to incorporate essential oils into your life,  can be overwhelming .  Many of you just don’t have the time, am I right?  Well, with this simple technique, you can enjoy the benefits of essential oils for your hair, without a hassle! Here are some of the ways essential oils can help your hair: Stimulate growth Strengthen  follicles Eliminate dandruff Prevent premature greying Fight scalp acne Oil control Moisturise dry hair Reduce hair fall Repair damage Kill lice Fight fungal infections  How

Hair growth chart

Hello everyone! Check out this  hair growth chart from ! 5 tips for faster, healthier hair growth: Condition & detangle:  Comb and detangle regularly with fingers or a wide-tooth comb to strengthen the muscles that hold each hair in place.  Deep condition every 2-3 days to replenish moisture. Massage your scalp:  Products containing peppermint or eucalyptus oil can increase blood flow to your follicles.  Massage your scalp for 3 minutes before washing to add an extra inch of hair growth in one year. Feed your hair:  Fruits and vegetables like asparagus, broccoli, collard greens, honeydew and mango contain nutrients essential to healthy hair.  Take supplements that contain folic acid and vitamins A,B,C,E and D. Trim only when needed:  Get trims only when you have split ends or breakage.  If you don’t see any damage six weeks or six months after your last trim, then leave it alone. Handle with care:  Avoid blow-drying  hot curling irons, colouring,

Would you use placenta shampoo?

Placenta shampoo ?!  Yes,  placenta aka afterbirth , which forms around the fetus in the first stage of mammalian pregnancies, is being used in   hair care products .   There are shampoos, conditioners and hair masks on the market that contain placenta.   The nutritional benefits of eating placenta (placentophagy) have long been discussed however,  placenta in shampoos is a more recent idea.   Placenta is also being used in various skincare products .  Some believe that placenta can help rejuvenate body cells and ward off signs of aging.    The protein in the placenta is supposed to be beneficial for the hair.   These shampoos claim to revitalise hair , repair split ends, restore manageability and renew shine and bounce.   However there’s no scientific evidence to back up this claim. The practice   of using placenta on the hair and skin is believed to have been popular in ancient Egypt and it was believed that Marie Antoinette consumed placenta as a nutritious drin

Tips for growing long and healthy hair

Long hair never seems to go out of style (on women, that is), but this hair style requires healthy hair. Long healthy hair , is definitely not maintenance free but if you use the right tips, you can have long, strong and healthy locks, before you know it. Tips: Shampoo the scalp well and the ends lightly.    The scalp gets more oil, and the ends dry easily. Shampooing 2 or 3 times a week should be sufficient.    This will keep you from stripping your hair's natural oils. If you feel that you need to wash every day; co-wash instead (wash your scalp and hair with conditioner only, skip the shampoo.) Use lots of conditioner , especially on the ends.    For extra benefit, let set for a few minutes before rinsing. Deep condition occasionally with a hair mask or by putting a thick layer of conditioner on hair then covering with a thermal shower cap.  Avoid washing hair in hot water.    Wash with lukewarm water and always rinse with cool water .     Always use a