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Six (6) teas I always have in my pantry ☕ 🍵

Hello everyone! As I told you in my previous post: Effective ways to treat cellulite , I don't like the smell of coffee.  As a matter of fact, I never drank a sip of coffee in my life!  Conversely, I do love teas; I try to drink 3 to 4 cups a day.  But which teas or tisanes you might ask - there are so many to choose from.   True  teas  come from the Camellia sinensis plant, while a herbal infusion , or  tisane  is any plant-derived drink other than true tea.  From berry blends to green tea to Earl Grey, the many versions of chai, black, breakfast, and whatever else.  There are so many  options. Healthy teas are nothing new to the world, but culturally, many of us have forgotten how to use them.  Irrespective of how we feel about holistic medicine, the power of tea is undeniable. These are the 6 teas I always have in my pantry and a little information about their benefits … Green Let me start with one of the most well-known teas.  Essentially,

The best 10 DIY vegan acne treatments

Hello everyone! This blog is turning 10 in a few months and that means that I have been sharing  DIY acne recipes  with you, my readers, for almost a decade.  I have been vegan for the last five years and yes, you can still find non-vegan DIY beauty recipes on this blog.  These are namely recipes that include ingredients like yoghurt and honey.  Since June is  Acne Awareness Month ,   today's post is a roundup of my  best ten DIY  vegan  acne treatments .  This way you can find them all in one handy post.  If you want me to make a roundup post on non-vegan recipes, leave a comment and let me know. Amongst my top 10, I included; a cleansing method, a toner, two face masks, a scrub, two facial serums, and a spot treatment.  All DIYs are very easy to make, they require very few, simple ingredients and the method is easy to follow. Below are the links for the 10 blog posts.  I also included  the key ingredients (not the full list of ingredients) of each recipe or tr

DIY toner?!

Hello everyone! For gorgeous skin, head to the kitchen and grab some apple cider vinegar ! Apple cider vinegar promotes blood circulation.  It is also a natural antiseptic, preventing infection.  When used as a toner, it reduces the swelling that comes with acne and helps dry the affected area.   Apple cider vinegar acne treatments work because ACV is rich in alpha-hydroxy acids (AHA). It can dissolve excessive fatty deposits at the surface of the skin and reduce scaly or peeling conditions . Cider vinegar, being applied as a toner after cleansing, regulates the pH of the skin (which is also acidic at pH 5.5) as cleansers are usually alkaline. ACV also improves hyperpigmentation. To make the toner you will need:           A  small amber glass bottle.  (I use an empty witch hazel bottle.)            Apple cider vinegar ( unfiltered)            Cooled green tea (any brand)/distilled water Green tea contains a cocktail of potent antioxida

DIY: Yummy facial scrub/mask

Hello everyone! This is a recipe for an inexpensive, easy and 100% natural scrub/mask .  This scrub/mask can be used on all skin types and it’s extremely beneficial for those who suffer from acne, acne scars or dry skin. Ingredients: 1)  Sugar - 6 tablespoons The main ingredient for this recipe is sugar.  Sugar works as a natural exfoliate helping to break up scar tissue.  It unclogges and reduces the appearance of larger pores.  Sugar is also very moisturising. 2)  Apple cider vinegar (ACV) – 1 tablespoon ACV gently dissolves dead skin cells.   It exfoliates the skin breaking up scar tissue (helping even indented acne scars) and it’s also a great skin detoxifier.   It also contains vitamins A, E, C, B2, B6 and P which repair skin cells for softer skin. 3)  Honey – 1 tablespoon Honey is a natural anti-inflammatory and helps the skin retain moisture.  It reduces redness and stimulates skin cell renewal.  It also has anti-ageing benefits and