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Ten (10) key skincare tips for autumn

Hello everyone! It has been raining for days so I can finally say that, autumn  weather is here ! There are many reasons you may feel the need to change your skincare products: breakouts, dryness, sensitivity, etc. A common reason for updating your skincare regimen is seasonal change . As the environment around you changes, so should your skincare routine.  Does your skin need some extra TLC after summer?  (related post) No matter where you live, the autumn months are generally cooler and drier than summer.  Malta, the island where I live, remains very humid throughout the year, thanks to the surrounding sea.  This is how autumn weather affects your skin: Cooler temperatures increase the skin’s proneness to dryness and dehydration .  The skin may experience more irritation, redness, and inflammation due to the weather conditions like wind and rain.  If you live in low humidity: Low humidity levels can aggravate skin conditions like eczema and rosacea . In dry weather the skin produce

Five (5) autumn-inspired DIY beauty treatments

Hello everyone! Autumn is my favourite season for many reasons: the cool temperatures, the hot beverages, the fashion and of course, Halloween.  But the best thing about autumn is all the great seasonal tastes and smells of pumpkin, apples, cinnamon, nutmeg, cranberries... That’s why I want to share five all-natural beauty treatments using some of the season’s best ingredients. So put on a pair of fuzzy socks, light your favourite candle, curl up with a book and enjoy these  five autumn-inspired DIY beauty treatments : DIY: Pumpkin facial mask  -   This pumpkin mask will gently  exfoliate ,  nourish  and  moisturise  your skin. DIY: Pumpkin cinnamon body scrub   -  This scrub is perfect to brighten skin and get rid of any rough areas on the body. DIY: Cranberry face mask  -This is an  easy anti-ageing facial mask. DIY: Honey and fruit mask   -  This face mask  nourishes and revitalises  dry and tired skin. DIY: Honey and cinnamon facial mask/spot treatment   -   This DIY  helps to

Interesting facts about organic skin care

Hello everyone! I always talk about using the best possible ingredients for our skin, hair and body.  In today's post I want to give you more information about "natural" and "organic" products.  I'm also including current special offers from .  ☺ Read the labels carefully!  A bottle marked "organic" must contain 95 percent organic ingredients, but those marked "natural" or "made with organic ingredients" may still contain "bad" ingredients aka harmful chemicals .   Did you know these facts about cosmetics with active organic ingredients? are currently offering f ree US shipping on orders over $50,  free international shipping on orders over $125  and  free $34 gift with every order over $40! MICHAEL TODD skin care products are  developed and made in the United States with certified organic ingredients , without added water and free of parabens, sul

Does your skin need some extra TLC after summer?

Autumn/Fall is already here and it’s time to pamper your skin after summer. During fall, the skin needs extra nourishment and protection.  Summer’s blazing sun, hot dry heat and forgetting to apply and re-apply sunscreen can damage and dry the skin.  As the seasons change, so do the needs of your skin.   Your skin tends to retain less moisture because of the cooler, drier air.  During this time of the year, many people experience various skin issues including; dryness, fine lines, dull skin tone, sun and/or age spots, flaking and irritation.  Follow a few guidelines and you could have problem-free skin all year round. Exfoliation:   Post-summer skin looks dehydrated and dull, so exfoliation is extremely important as it gets rid of the dead damaged cells.  This step will prepare the skin to absorb more moisture and nutrition.  You could do this at home using a scrub/exfoliant, or using an at-home peeling or you could have a professional peeling done. Moisturisin