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Wednesday, November 16, 2022

My current eyebrow routine | How I dye my eyebrows at home

November 16, 2022 0 Comments

Hello everyone!

I love eyebrow products and have a wide variety in my makeup collection; pencils, pomades, powders, tinted gels, pens, etc. Still, a few years ago, I discovered the magic of eyebrow tinting. Tinting makes your brows appear thicker and darker. I adore the results and the fact that I no longer need to use products daily. 

Many use at-home kits to tint their eyebrow themselves instead of having them done by a professional. A dye kit costs much less than one professional appointment, and you can use it for many applications. And if you do not like the results, it fades in about a week and a half.

I have been dyeing my brows, as well as my mum's, for years now. Doing my own eyebrow tinting every few weeks is easy, effective, and budget-friendly. You can purchase an at-home eyebrow dye or use Just for Men Mustache & Beard Brush-In Gel or L’Oréal Paris Magic Root Rescue.

Want to try eyebrow tinting at home? Here is everything you will need... 

  • Your dye of choice
  • Petroleum jelly
  • Cotton swabs
  • Baby wipes or water wipe
  • Foaming face cleanser


  1. Pick your dye and shade.
  2. Use a cotton swab to apply a small amount of petroleum jelly around your brow to ensure the colour does not run. Do not apply it to your brows.
  3. Follow the instructions on your dye kit and mix the product accordingly. Usually, this means mixing a small amount of base colour with a tiny amount of developer.
  4. Apply the dye with an angle brush. If grey hairs are a concern, apply to the greys first.
  5. Wait for 5 to 10 minutes.
  6. After five minutes, wipe off the dye with a baby wipe
  7. Then, apply a tiny bit of foaming cleanse or mild shampoo on your brows and add some water. 
  8. Wash it off gently in the direction the hair grows. Do not rub. 

eyebrow tinting collage

To keep that gorgeous brow colour on point, you only need to refresh your eyebrow tint every three (3) or four (4) weeks.

Do you dye your eyebrows too? Leave a comment and let me know.

Talk to you soon.

Thursday, March 02, 2017

February 2017 favourites

March 02, 2017 0 Comments
Hello everyone!

I haven't written a favourites post in a while, almost 6 months to be exact, oops!  This was my last favourites post: End of summer favourites, back in September 2016.  But I have been trying out and loving some new things recently so today I want to share my current beauty essentials.  I'm absolutely obsessed with the four beauty products I mention below,  these are all great products that also happen to be very affordable!  Check them out...  

Denman Scalp Massage Brush

I use this brush in the shower to massage my scalp with the soft plastic pins while shampooing and to detangle my hair while conditioning.  I also use it to distribute my leave-in products evenly.  I even use this scalp massager when I colour my hair to make sure I remove any hair dye from my scalp.  

Cien All-In-One BB Cream  (light)

This product aims to correct imperfections, even out skin tone, soften the skin, reduce wrinkles and provide 24h hydration.  I have to say I'm very impressed with this BB cream, it matches my skin tone, blends really easily and evens out my complexion.  My skin looks hydrated and healthier after application.

Silicone Face Cleansing Brush 

This silicone brush is the best face cleansing brush I tried thus far.  It is extremely soft and flexible, making it very gentle on the skin.  If you’re new to cleansing tools and want to give one a try, this silicone pad is the easiest to use and the most budget-friendly.  The tiny bristles massage the debris out of the pores, while the larger bumps exfoliate and soften the skin.  I use the larger bumps to exfoliate my nose and chin.  Right now it's on sale at only $1.99 - Silicone Facial Cleaning Brush with Box.  I got one for my mum and she love it as well

Tinkle Eyebrow Razors 

These razors are meant to sculpt eyebrows and remove peach fuzz and that's precisely why I use them.  Since I started growing back my eyebrows, a few years ago, I stopped tweezing altogether and only shape them using these eyebrow razors: Tinkle Eyebrow Razors.  It's a very quick and simple way to shape your brows.

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Have you tried any of these beauty product?  I highly recommend giving them a try.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Taylor's Wonderland eyebrows

November 12, 2014 0 Comments
Hello everyone!

Have you seen the latest Wonderland cover yet?  Everyone is talking about Taylor's eyebrows.  She went for a totally different look on the cover of Wonderland magazine (Nov-Dec issue), rocking darker, bolder brows.  It’s kind of amazing how eyebrows can change a person’s entire appearance.  Sure, Taylor's skin looks way tanner than her natural fair skin-tone but, it’s really her dark, bold brows that completely transform her face.  

Overall, it’s a big change for Taylor, who usually has fair eyebrows, like she sported on the cover of British Vogue magazine (November issue).  

What do you think of Taylor Swift’s look?  Are you a fan?  I just LOVE bold brows.  Share your thoughts below! 

Monday, May 26, 2014

Re-grow over-plucked eyebrows! (part 2)

May 26, 2014 0 Comments
Hello everyone!

In this post I will give you more tips on how to grow back your eyebrows.  Read part 1 here!

Exfoliation is a method that can help the growth of eyebrow hair.  You can use a soft toothbrush or a spoolie to scrub and exfoliate the area.  Using the brush in circular motion will help to remove dead skin and will enhance the blood circulation.  Another way to exfoliate is by using an exfoliating scrub.  Try a DIY recipe here!  Apply the scrub in a circular motion and BE GENTLE.  Too much pressure can damage the fine, fragile hair that is already there. 

The row-growing method:

You need to STOP plucking, waxing and threading!  Although this seem like a no-brainer, the messy look that will develop when you leave your brows un-touched for a while is not  flattering.

If you can't stand the idea of letting all your hairs grow out before you shape your eyebrows, try the row-growing method.  Allow hairs closest to the existing brow to grow out and SHAVE the stray hairs with an eyebrow razor.  

eyebrow razor

When the row is finished growing in, start on the next row.  Shaving the hair can enhance the growth of hair, therefore using a brow razor can also stimulate growth.  Try using a brow razor to shave the areas where you want more growth to occur.  Continue growing your brows out a row at a time until they're finished growing back.  This method gives your brows a neater appearance.

Patience is the key to your success.  You cannot expect your eyebrows to  magically grow overnight.  You will have to give it time and wait for the brows to grow back. 

Oh, and check out the related blog posts linked below!  If you have more tips, leave them in the comment section below. 

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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

My eyebrow essentials

May 21, 2014 1 Comments
Hello everyone!

Having naturally dark brows, I've never felt the need to fill them in until a couple of years ago.  Before, the only maintenance my brows received was regular tweezing. 

Nowadays my eyebrow routine is a bit more elaborate but I assure you... it's worth it!  My eyebrow essentials are; a good pair of tweezers, eyebrow scissors, eyebrow razor, eyebrow comb/brush, eyebrow pencil and eyebrow gel.

These are my current favourites:

If you would like to know more about my eyebrow routine or how I use these products, leave a comment and let me know!  What are your eyebrow essentials?

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Saturday, December 21, 2013

The best eyebrows for your face shape

December 21, 2013 1 Comments
Hello everyone!
Today's post is another eyebrow post - I told you I'm obsessed! ;-)
Eyebrows can change the way your face looks, so it’s important to have perfectly shaped brows that complement and balance your face.

woman tweezing her eyebrows

If you don't know your face shape, take this quiz and find out!
Here are some tips to help you choose the most flattering eyebrow shape to complement your facial features:
Oval face
Oval faces are lucky; oval faces are considered the perfect shape.  Full brows with a prominent arch are most complementing and to create the appearance of fuller cheeks, shorter length brows work amazingly. 
Round face
Choose medium to full brows that are more angular than round, an arch will complement your natural features and offset the roundness of your face. 
Angular face (Heart, Inverted triangle, Diamond, Pear)
Your face already has angles so medium brows that are rounded with a soft arch work best.  A high arch will only make you look permanently surprised! 
Square/Rectangle face
Like an angular face, you want medium brows that aren't overly flat or arched.  A soft arch will soften the angles of the face. 
Flat straight eyebrows will help to shorten your face vertically and a low arch will help open up your face horizontally.
Note for all:
Steer clear of thin eyebrows.  Eyebrows need to be in proportion with your face like all other features, so it’s best to get them groomed by a professional to ensure they are perfectly suited to you. 
I also came across these very useful eyebrow-shaping tips from doeadeery.com:  

Before you leave...
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Eyebrow pencil tips

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Eyebrow pencil tips

November 28, 2013 2 Comments
Hello everyone!

As we all know, well groomed eyebrows balance your features and frame your eyes As I told you previously, I'm kind of obsessed with eyebrows

A common way to groom your eyebrows is by using eyebrow pencil.  This post will explain how to use it correctly.

If you want well defined, natural-looking eyebrows, all you have to do is follow these few simple steps and additional tips below.

Step 1: Fill-in the eyebrows with your pencil using thin, hair-like strokes.  Use short strokes that overlap, to make the eyebrows appear fuller.

Step 2: Blend colour and groom brows with an eyebrow comb or spooley brush.
Step 3: (Optional) For very defined brows, take a small flat brush and apply creamy concealer around the brows to tidy up the edges.  
Step 4: (Optional) Keep you eyebrows in place with a brow gel.

  • Choose the shade closest to you natural colour.
  • Never, ever fill in your brows with black pencil!  Unless you want the black Sharpie brows, don’t do this.  Even if you have black eyebrows, you want to fill them in with a dark brown colour - not black.
  • Make sure your eyebrows are groomed, before applying any make-up.  
  • When it comes to filling-in your brows, the key is to remember to imitate the look of the hairs.
  • Never use solid tick lines to “draw in” the eyebrows.  A series of thin, overlapping strokes provides a more natural-looking result.
Remember eyebrows are sisters, not twins.  

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Photo from iStockPhoto

Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Quiz: What's your face shape?

December 04, 2012 0 Comments

Knowing your face shape is essential when choosing your hairstyle, make-up, eyebrow shape and even glasses.  There are nine different face shapes; do you know which one you are?  Take this quiz and find out!

different face shapes

1. What best describes your forehead?

A. Square
B. Narrow
C. Round

2. What best described your jawline and chin?

A. Square
B. Pointed
C. Full or Round

3. Describe the width of your face?

A. Wide
B. Average
C. Narrow

4. Look closely at your face - What do you see the most?

A. Angles 
B. Sharp edges
C. Smooth round curves 

Your results:

If you answered mostly A, you have a Squarish Shape… Now find out which one you are:

Square - Square forehead and jaw, full cheeks, almost as wide as it is long.

Rectangle - Square forehead and jaw, longer than it is wide.

If you answered mostly B, you have an Angular Shape… Now find out which one you are:

Heart - Rounded forehead and sharply tapered chins.

Inverted Triangle - Square forehead and sharply tapered chin.

Diamond - Narrow forehead and jaw with fuller cheekbones.

Pear - Narrow forehead and widest at the jawline.

If you answered mostly C, you have a Rounder Shape… Now find out which one you are:

Oval - Round forehead, tapering cheeks and chin.

Round - Round forehead, full cheeks and smooth round jawline.

Long/Oblong - Round forehead, tapers to the chin. 

I hope you find this helpful!  

What's your face shape?  Leave your result in the comments below!  (I’m an oval shape J)


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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Make your eyes look bigger

August 26, 2012 0 Comments

Hello everyone!  Do you want brighter, bigger eyes?  

Here are a few simple tips and tricks to make your eyes look bigger, with make-up!

  • Apply two coats of mascara instead of one to create a lifting effect.  To make sure that every lash is coated, use a mascara wand with angled bristles. 
  • Curl your lashes.  Place the curler at the root of your lashes and gently pulse three times.
  • Use eye shadow colours that complement your eyes
  • Use light colours on your lids to draw attention to the shape of your eyes, especially if you're wearing glasses.
  • Conceal under-eye circles.  
  • Your eyes will look bigger if you keep a clean shape by waxing, tweezing or threading your eyebrows.
  • If you want to add length and volume, try false eyelashes.  They're easy to apply and will make your eyes pop.
  • After you apply mascara, dot liquid eyeliner between your lashes to fill in any sparse spots. 
  • Apply white eyeliner in the inner corners of your eyes.
  • Tightlining or lining your waterline with black liner will make your eyes look smaller, so try to avoid that.
  • To make your eyes pop, line bottom lids with a shimmer eye shadow.  Stick with light, neutral colours for daytime and darker tones for night-time.
  • Trading in your eye make-up for a bright lip colour will actually make your eyes look bigger.  
Hope you find this helpful. J


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Photo from here.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

White eyeliner tips and tricks

May 31, 2012 2 Comments

I haven’t posted in a while … but now I’m back!  Today I want to talk to you about white eyeliner.  White eyeliner is mostly used as a highlighter but there are other ways you can use it.  Here are some tips and trick for your eyes, eyebrows and even lips!

·     Use white eyeliner to line your waterline.  This will open up your eyes and make them look bigger. 
·     After applying your eye shadow, use white eyeliner to line the inner corner of your eye.  This will brighter up the eyes. 
·     You can make any colour of eyeliner you want with some eye shadow and white eyeliner.  All you have to do is line your top lid, and then apply any colour of eye shadow over that line.
·     Use white eyeliner as a base for your eye shadow.  This will make the eye shadow pop at the base of the lid.
·     You can also use your white liner like you would any other liner.  This will make you eyelashes look longer, especially if you were black mascara.

·     Use underneath your eyebrows as a highlighter.
·     Use white eyeliner as a guide when you tweeze your eyebrows.  Draw the shape you want for your brows, the pluck anything that falls outside the white line.

·     Apply a touch of white eyeliner above and below the lips to make them pop.  Don’t forget to blend!

Do you use white eyeliner?  What fun tricks do you use?  Leave a comment and let me know.


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Saturday, October 08, 2011

Re-grow over-plucked eyebrows! (part 1)

October 08, 2011 2 Comments
Hello everyone!

I have to admit, I’m kind of obsessed with eyebrows.  And I mean eyebrows in general, not just my own.  Some things I notice right away are over-waxed brows, over-tweezed brows, drawn-on brows and unibrows.  Just like a great hairstyle, the right eyebrow shape can and will make a remarkable difference in the way you look.

Eyebrow shaping can be done in various ways.  The most popular methods are tweezing, waxing and threading.  I do not suggest waxing your eyebrows (unless you have a unibrow).  With tweezing and threading, you have great control, and can accurately choose the hairs you're removing. Plucking is the most popular method of eyebrow shaping since it is easy to do and doesn't require anybody’s assistance.

eye closeup

So, what can you do if you over-plucked your eyebrows?

Ideally, you should wait for all of the hair to grow back before you begin plucking.  Leave stray hairs alone to prevent over-plucking again.  But the truth is that doing this would make you look messy and un-groomed!  
Instead, I suggest using a white eyeliner or concealer on the hair that you don’t want to remove when tweezing, so you don't end up plucking the hair you want to grow back.

thin eyebrows
Over-plucked eyebrow

Invert in a good quality pair of tweezers.  If your tweezers slide off or break the hair instead of pulling them out, or can't grab onto short hairs, you'll end up frustrated.  This is when you’re most likely to make a mistake and end up with over-plucked eyebrows!  Always tweeze one hair at a time.
Fill them in with an eyebrow pencil and/or powder while you wait.  Be very careful, if you use the wrong products or techniques your brows will look painted on, instead of natural.  Choose a colour that is close to your natural hair colour.  Gently pull the pencil away near the edges of your brow to prevent the dreaded painted on look.  Apply some eyebrow gel to keep everything in place.
Using a magnifying mirror (or standing too close to a mirror) is not the best way to get perspective on how your brows are looking, so you'll end up over-plucking.  Use a regular mirror and make sure you have good, natural light when tweezing.

I also recommend using this DIY eyebrow growth serum formulated for encouraging the growth of healthier, fuller-looking brows.

Always take your time and never pluck your eyebrows when you’re in a hurry!