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How to prevent and soothe dry winter skin

Hello everyone! For the northern half of Earth, the Northern Hemisphere, today is the first day of winter!  Have you ever noticed how your skin is affected by the changing seasons? If so, you’ve likely noticed that your skin often seems to get  drier and flakier in the colder months . Having dry skin doesn’t necessarily mean that you also have dehydrated skin. These are two different phenomena. While  dehydrated skin lacks water ,  dry skin lacks sebum . Also, dry skin is a  skin type , while dehydration is a  condition . What does dehydrated skin look like? Dehydrated skin  can be dry, itchy and even dull looking. The overall complexion may appear uneven, and fine lines are more noticeable. There are steps you can take to keep your skin looking healthy, even when temperatures dip and there is no escaping the winter cold. Unlike dry skin,  dehydration is treatable with lifestyle changes . Replenishing your hydration is the first step, so it is crucial to  drink plenty of water .  Tips

Ten (10) key skincare tips for autumn

Hello everyone! It has been raining for days so I can finally say that, autumn  weather is here ! There are many reasons you may feel the need to change your skincare products: breakouts, dryness, sensitivity, etc. A common reason for updating your skincare regimen is seasonal change . As the environment around you changes, so should your skincare routine.  Does your skin need some extra TLC after summer?  (related post) No matter where you live, the autumn months are generally cooler and drier than summer.  Malta, the island where I live, remains very humid throughout the year, thanks to the surrounding sea.  This is how autumn weather affects your skin: Cooler temperatures increase the skin’s proneness to dryness and dehydration .  The skin may experience more irritation, redness, and inflammation due to the weather conditions like wind and rain.  If you live in low humidity: Low humidity levels can aggravate skin conditions like eczema and rosacea . In dry weather the skin produce

Five (5) autumn-inspired DIY beauty treatments

Hello everyone! Autumn is my favourite season for many reasons: the cool temperatures, the hot beverages, the fashion and of course, Halloween.  But the best thing about autumn is all the great seasonal tastes and smells of pumpkin, apples, cinnamon, nutmeg, cranberries... That’s why I want to share five all-natural beauty treatments using some of the season’s best ingredients. So put on a pair of fuzzy socks, light your favourite candle, curl up with a book and enjoy these  five autumn-inspired DIY beauty treatments : DIY: Pumpkin facial mask  -   This pumpkin mask will gently  exfoliate ,  nourish  and  moisturise  your skin. DIY: Pumpkin cinnamon body scrub   -  This scrub is perfect to brighten skin and get rid of any rough areas on the body. DIY: Cranberry face mask  -This is an  easy anti-ageing facial mask. DIY: Honey and fruit mask   -  This face mask  nourishes and revitalises  dry and tired skin. DIY: Honey and cinnamon facial mask/spot treatment   -   This DIY  helps to

Shhh... It's a beauty secret! #04 | The best facial cleanser EVER!

Hello everyone! Today I want to share my number one secret for moisturised, plump, soft, and glowing skin .  It's neither a fancy face cream nor one of my usual DIY recipes .  It's actually something I never   thought   I'd use on my face at all.  Years ago I wrote about the many benefits of vegetable glycerin in a post titled: Vegetable glycerin for glowing skin!  and I also shared a recipe for a DIY make-up setting spray  containing glycerin as a key ingredient.   I've also been using glycerin soap on and off in the shower for quite some time but I never used it to wash my face with, until recently.   I had a new, unopened jasmine glycerin soap in my bathroom and since my face was a little dry I decided, on a hunch, to try the soap as a face cleanser.  I used it at night before I went to sleep and let me tell you I was shocked at how soft and hydrated my skin was after just one use.  The next morning my face was visibly plumper and my s