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Your life can get a little better when you cut caffeine out. It can be an adjustment if you have been drinking coffee or cola drinks for a long time. But it has so many benefits when you do. From having a better night’s sleep to much more balanced energy levels, here are a few.

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Much less acid and heartburn

Most people are unaware that caffeine contributes to severe issues such as increased acid reflux and heartburn. Coffee alone is acidic and can add more. But caffeine relaxes the muscles between your gut and your lower throat, which allows acid to rise. Other sources of caffeine also include health products and supplements like testosterone boosters, so testosterone cream for men might be a better option if you need to balance your hormone levels.

A more restorative sleep

Of course, caffeine is well known to keep you awake. It works by blocking the sleep signal to your brain, which isn’t very good when you think about it because you need a night of good sleep to function as usual. Caffeine is essentially the enemy of good sleep. Cutting coffee or going decaf will help reduce this and restore the natural signal over time. Supplements such as melatonin can also help you drift off for a better and deeper sleep.

Cut the caffeine to remove anxiety

Even without caffeine, anxiety is a significant issue in today’s society. And with over 40 million adults in the US alone experiencing anxiety regularly, there is no room for more. Caffeine increases the amount of cortisol produced, which raises anxiety. It is also known that this can reach unsafe levels if you are already someone who experiences an anxiety disorder. So, by all accounts, it is best to play it safe and try things like aromatherapy.

Better balanced energy levels

We all know that caffeine can give you a jolt of energy and can be your best friend at the end of a long day. However, like most things that give you a quick energy release, it isn’t free. With that high comes a low, and your body can slump into an energy depression after experiencing a caffeine-induced high. This may be beneficial on occasion, but it can have long-term consequences, particularly when attempting to quit, which can take two to three weeks.

Restore your natural brain function

Relying on certain products for enhanced brain function isn’t the way to go. All you really need is vitamins, minerals, and water for your brain to work how it should. Yes, caffeine has been shown to provide a small boost in mental function alongside other nootropics. But you can become dependent on these and feel terrible when you don’t have them. This causes the dreaded brain fog and prevents you from getting anything done. A healthy and balanced diet is all you need.


You will get less acid and heartburn when you cut the caffeine. It will also remove any excess anxiety and can help restore your natural brain function alongside a healthy and balanced diet.

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  1. It's so coincidental that a few minutes ago I was discussing with my coworker to give up coffee for a while for some of the same reasons you outlined. Thank you for sharing. I more motivated and inspired to give up or limit my coffee intake.

  2. I don't drink coffee but these reasons are very good reasons to give up caffeine x

    Lucy Mary

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