How to seek support for challenging issues

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Do you need some support to get you through some challenging times? Whether you are experiencing negative thoughts or need some advice regarding your physical health, there are resources out there. No matter how serious you feel the issue is, there will be someone who can help. This article will help you explore how you can seek support in challenging times and destigmatise some of the concerns you might not be comfortable discussing publicly.

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How to get help if you are considering an abortion


An unexpected pregnancy can be stressful and scary. Depending on which country you are in, you might need to travel state lines to get advice on medical abortion. Fortunately, there are women’s clinics out there where you can get informed about abortion pills and find out if you are pregnant. Seek help from a women’s clinic today if you need information and support.



What to do if you think you have a sexually transmitted disease (STD)


STIs or STDs are nothing to be ashamed of. If you think you have an STI, visit your doctor or local sexual health clinic and get yourself screened as soon as you can. Once you’ve found out whether you have one and have sought appropriate treatment, talk to your sexual partner(s) and make sure they get tested too. It might feel embarrassing to reveal you have an STI or STD, but it’s important to tell the people you had relations with so they can get themselves checked.



How to seek help for alcoholism or substance abuse


Realising you have a problem is often the first step towards recovering from alcohol or substance abuse. If you are unable to stop taking the substance or alcohol, visit your doctor to get some help. They may suggest you visit a rehab center, as these can help you detox from stronger addictions in a safe environment. Depending on the severity of your addiction, they may recommend inpatient treatment or outpatient visits, where you stay at home and come into the centre for treatment.



Get support for suicidal thoughts


Everyone has bad days, but if you experience thoughts when you think you don’t want to be here anymore, seek help immediately. Reach out to a trusted friend or relative if you feel comfortable doing so, call the Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance (DBSA) at 998 or text DBSA at 741-741 if you are in America. Many helplines are available depending on your country of residence you can call if you feel you need support. 


Once you have gotten out of immediate danger, seek support from a trained therapist to ensure that you address any mental health concerns and try to put coping strategies in place if challenging times arise again.



How to get help if you’re a carer


Are you looking after a loved one with a long-term or chronic condition? You don’t have to go through it alone, there are a lot of government resources out there to provide financial support and other resources like occupational therapists. Contact your local council and explain the situation. They should be able to talk you through the resources available and see what you are entitled to if you are a carer.



What to do if you’ve lost a job


Losing a job might not sound like something you’d consider grieving, but it constitutes a big loss in your life. Don’t beat yourself up about a job loss, and give yourself time to mourn the loss of colleagues, finances, or even lifestyle changes. 


The next thing to consider when you’ve lost a job is the practicalities. Can you create a revised budget and evaluate where cutting costs can help? Once you’ve addressed the immediate concern, talk to your local authority and see what support is available to either retrain or be supported with finances.


Remember a job loss can sometimes have silver linings, although at the time it’s understandable these may be difficult to find. Consider it an opportunity to retrain, have some additional time in your day, or really think about what you want to do. Be kind to each other, as it’s inevitable that job losses have an impact on the people around you.



Final thoughts


There is no shame in asking for help with concerns that impact your mental and physical health. If you are concerned about substance abuse or suicidal thoughts, make sure you seek help immediately. If you’ve lost a job, need some support with caring for a loved one, or even have an STD, make sure you contact your local authority, or clinic to seek the right support for your concerns.



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