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Twenty (20) self-care ideas for spring

Hello everyone! Spring is finally here, and so are the warm, sunny days (at least here in Malta). The days are getting longer, and the cold, dark Winter is over. Spring can be the perfect season to rejuvenate body and mind. Try these twenty ( 20) self-care ideas for spring  to revise your typical self-care routine. Here are 20 self-care ideas for spring to nourish your body, mind and spirit. Go for a walk  - Enjoy the sunshine and fresh air.  Declutter your home  - Decluttering is an excellent form of self-care.  Spring-clean your home  - A thorough cleaning will make your home feel and look nicer.  Declutter your wardrobe  - Go through your clothes. Wash and store your cold-weather clothes. Re-visit your beauty routine  - Take a moment to declutter any make-up or beauty products that are past their best . Start a new book  - In this busy world, a good book is a calm and refreshing place to retreat. Re-visit your daily routine  - Think about your daily routine and what you could do to