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Hello everyone!

Did you know that Cosette's Beauty Pantry has a YouTube channel? I bet most of you did not know and therefore are not subscribed. I don't blame you! I started a YouTube channel years ago but only posted three videos eight years back. 

This blog turned 12 years last September, and I'm very grateful for every visit. However, written articles aren't as engaging as videos. Studies show that 60% of people would watch a video before reading text when both are available. So I decided that from now on, I will convert some of my blog posts into YouTube videos. It is also an easier way for you to share my content on social media platforms and with anyone who might be interested in a specific video.

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Last Sunday, I posted my first DIY video, and just today, I posted another on my main YouTube channel; Cosette's Beauty Pantry. I will post my DIY beauty recipes and other beauty, wellness and lifestyle videos on that channel. 

Starting this November, I will begin a new blog series dedicated to true crime; I'm very excited about this new project. I will also be converting those articles into videos. I've always been a true crime enthusiast, so I created a second YouTube channel to share some true crime stories with you. I named it True Crime Tales with Cosette. If you are interested in the topic, go ahead and subscribe. 

Watch DIY vegan pumpkin spice lip scrub

Watch DIY essential oil body wash

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I'm a vegan with a passion for sustainability and clean, cruelty-free products. I mainly write lifestyle, wellness and self-care articles. Since I'm a true crime enthusiast, sometimes I also write about true crime and post videos on my two YouTube channels.

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