Seven (7) autumn essential oil blends for your home

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I love having a home that smells good all year round. When the weather starts getting a bit chilly, I use essential oil blends to get my home feeling warm and cosy. If you are looking for some autumn essential oil blends for your diffuser (or burner), you will enjoy this post!

These are my favourite autumn (fall) essential oil blends! 

Cinnamon Spice
2 drops orange + 1 drop cinnamon + 1 drop clove
Benefits of this blend: uplifting, immune-boosting, balances energy and emotions, lessens anxious feelings.

Pumpkin Pie
4 drops cinnamon + 1 drop nutmeg + 1 drop clove
Benefits of this blend: immune-boosting, decongestant.

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Mulled Cider 
3 drops orange + 1 drop nutmeg + 2 drops cinnamon + 1 drop clove
Benefits of this blend: uplifting, immune-boosting, energising.

Apple Pie 
2 drops clove + 2 drops cinnamon + 2 drops ginger + 1 drop nutmeg 
Benefits of this blend: immune boosting, energising, emotional balance.

Vanilla Spice 
4 drops vanilla oleoresin + 2 drops orange + 2 drops cinnamon
Benefits of this blend: relaxing, comforting, uplifting.

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Spiced Chai 
3 drops cardamom + 1 drop clove + 1 drop cassia + 1 drop ginger
Benefits of this blend: helps clear mind, decongestant.

Fall Hike
4 drops cypress + 2 drops white fir + 2 drops sandalwood
Benefits of this blend: emotional balance.

I hope you enjoy these autumn scents as much as I do! What are your favourite autumn scents?

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  1. I love essential oil, I didn't know about these oils! Thanks for sharing!

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