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Prevent (and treat) skin problems caused by face masks

Hello everyone! Wearing a mask to help protect against Covid-19 is a must.  By now we are all accustomed to wearing a face mask every time we step outside or whenever someone visits out household.  But wearing a mask can sometimes be a pain; literally. Many have reported adverse skin reactions after wearing masks daily; the most common conditions include acne, facial itch and rash.  If you find that wearing a face mask is causing a skin problem or irritation, you may be able to treat it yourself.  Here’s what you can do to treat skin problems caused by face masks at home. 1. Follow a gentle skincare routine.   Skincare plays a vital role in healing your skin.  2. Treat your skin.    Here’s what dermatologists recommend: Acne:  Wash your face after wearing a mask, being sure to use a non-comedogenic moisturiser after washing.   Raw, irritated skin:  Apply petroleum jelly or a diaper rash cream  to irritated spots on your face before bed.   Sore skin behi

Piercings and metal allergies

Hello everyone! Today's topic was suggested by one of my readers.  This person left a message on one of my most popular blog posts:  Misconceptions about ear piercings There are several metals that are safe for  body piercing  and others that aren’t.  The wrong type of metal can stall the body’s healing process or cause an allergic reaction.  Nickel is a common culprit for skin irritation.   Contrary to popular belief , nickel is used in both inexpensive and expensive metals .   In less expensive jewellery,  nickel  is often used in the  base metal  which is then plated with  gold  or silver.   Even the smallest quantity of nickel can cause the skin to turn black, green, or another colour. Unlike some other allergic reactions, a nickel response happens slowly with repeated or prolonged exposure.  In most people, it causes excessive itchiness and a dry, scaly red rash; also known as  allergic contact dermatitis .  This kind of  dermatitis (also called eczema) develops in places whe

Favourite curl creams / leave-in conditioners of 2020

Hello everyone and Happy New Year!  In this first post of the year, I want to share with you some of my favourite hair care products.  As I previously told you; I've been wearing my hair, exclusively, in its naturally wavy/curly state (2c/3a) since June 2019.  Using a curl cream or a leave-in conditioner is an important step in my curly routine, one I cannot skip.   Here are the four (4) hair creams I purchased and repurchased in 2020... The reason I use four different leave-ins is that I rotate between them, and use the cream that my hair needs on that particularly wash day.  Your hair should maintain a balance between moisture and protein  and finding and  maintaining the balance between  these two is critical for achieving and  maintaining   healthy   hair.    Neither  protein  nor  moisture  can work well without  the  other. When my hair feels a bit dry and is in dire need of moisture , I use the   Garnier Fructis  Aloe Vera Air-Dry Cream .  This product is very moisture-ric