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DIY: Vanilla body scrub

Hello everyone! Like I always say; to get gorgeous glowing skin, you can either spend a fortune on exfoliating scrubs, or you can use simple ingredients to make your own.   Here's another simple DIY body scrub recipe that you can easily make at home. Ingredients: 2 ½ cups raw sugar  4 tbsp vanilla extract  ¾ cup white granulated sugar  ¼ cup almond oil Method: Simply mix the two sugars together in a bowl and then add the almond oil and vanilla extract and you're done! Its simple ingredients and delicate fragrance make this DIY body scrub perfect for people with sensitive skin.  Related posts: DIY: Coconut and lime body scrub DIY: Yummy facial scrub/mask DIY: Simple hand/body scrub DIY: Orange zest body scrub DIY: Peppermint foot scrub DIY: Pumpkin cinnamon body scrub DIY: Anti-cellulite scrub

Hello November 🍂 ☕

Hello everyone! November is here...  With its rainy days, colder weather, and shorter, darker days, sometimes it seems like November is the worst month of the year.  But even though summer days are now long gone, there are plenty of reasons to love November!  Here's why I love November: No sweating Comfy sweaters Boots Warm drinks Soups Baking cakes  Blankets Fuzzy socks Burning candles Long walks  Wishing you all a great month!