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My experience with

Hello everyone! I was recently offered the opportunity to choose a pair of eyeglasses from to try out and review.   I’ve always wondered how  ordering glasses online  would compare to the ones offered at the ophthalmologist’s office, so I jumped at the opportunity. offers  prescription glasses  and prescription sunglasses  for much cheaper prices than those offered at the ophthalmologist’s.   As far as selection, can’t be beaten.  They offer a wide selection of styles and colours .   If you do not  need prescription glasses and want to wear glasses as a fashion  accessory ,  you can also buy many pairs without prescription lenses.   The site also offers a tool that   allows  you to virtually try on glasses by uploading your photo.  It’s a great option for someone unsure of what shape would look best on them.   I chose the  GrandPrairie Wayfarer in pink/purple .   The colour and design are beautiful and the frame is