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Be irresistible this Valentine's Day ♡

Hello everyone! Do you have plans for a romantic day this Valentine's Day ?  All you need to be irresistible are 3 things; sexy skin, kissing lips and a sultry scent!  Check out the tips below... Sexy skin: Soft - use shea butter lotion for touchable skin Glow - try tanning a few days before to get a healthy glow Kissin' lips:  What's your shine level? Glass - daytime lunch Sheen - dinner and a movie Matte - dancing and drinks Stain - a five-course meal Sultry scents: Rose - elegant, classic, floral Jasmine - smouldering, exotic, romantic Ylang Ylang - seductive, erotic, alluring Vanilla - warm, homey, calming Via Beauty Bridge Enjoy Valentine's Day,    whether you ' re in a relationship or not!