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♡ Special Valentine DIY charms from Glamulet ♡

Hello everyone! February is almost here, and that means one thing;  Valentine's Day  is getting closer.   Roses and chocolates are always appreciated, but personalised jewellery is more sentimental and lasts longer!  Make  Valentine's Day  extra special this year with a  personalised  gift, such as  Memorable Charms by  Glamulet .  Glamulet   is running a special  Valentine Campaign  where you can  WIN  your personalised  Memorable Charm !   You can have fun designing your own special charm for the love month.  It can showcase love featuring family relationships, friendships and lovers.   Make a photo charm according to your personal preference.  Then share for votes to win. The top 20 best designers with the highest votes and shares will be chosen at the end of the campaign.   Winners will be picked on  February  9th and  will get the charm they designed . Here are the three easy steps to participate in this campaign for a chance to win: Regis

Which is the best acne treatment?

Hello everyone! If you suffer from   acne , you've probably tried hundreds of  treatments  (both internal and external).  If you have tried everything, and your  acne  still persists, it can be frustrating.  However, just because you have tried all the  conventional treatments  does not mean you have tried every possible remedy. Find out the   weirdest treatments  in this infographic: I would never, ever try the first three "treatments" mentioned in the infographic. Which treatments would you not be willing to try? What's the weirdest acne treatment you have ever tried?  Leave a comment and let me know!  

Six beauty trends to ditch in 2016

Hello everyone! So it's already January 20th and this is my first post in 2016.  My year started with a lot of internet connection problems, but hopefully that issue is resol ved ( fingers crossed) .   So let's get started!  From mid-length haircuts  to no-light gel nail polishes  ( which  I  ❤) , 2015 brought us a lot of beauty trends, but there are a few trends that I think should be left behind.  Check out the six beauty trends to ditch in 2016:  Instagram eyebrows -  The Instagram brow or the  faded eyebrow, is very popular among MUAs because it photographs well, but in person, it is very odd-looking. Heavy contour:  Contouring has been around for years but it reached new heights in 2015 with techniques like clown contouring .   Waist trainers:   While many believe that wearing a waist trainer will help them get an hour glass shape, the results are only temporary and can cause some health problems.  Overdrawn lips:   Thanks to Kylie Jenner, the obsession