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A typical brunette?

Hello everyone! At one point or another, we've all heard the stereotypes about hair colour.  Such as; “Blondes have more fun” ,   “Redheads are wild” , and   “Brunettes are trustworthy”.   Of course, every now and then we do fall into those categories,  but can hair colour really have an effect on our personality?  Totally, a new hair colour can enhance your mood, style, and confidence, as well as change the way other people perceive you. Now, personally, I have dyed dark brown hair.  I'm a natural brunette, but my natural colour is a couple of shades lighter than my dye.   I'm considering changing it to a soft medium brown, for the warmer months ahead.    If you too are looking for your perfect hair colour check out    Madison Reed 's   website for  hair dye  advice .     Madison Reed ,  is a hair care company that specialises in   hair dye .   Their dye is a healthier  salon-quality alternative. When it comes to stereotypes, the "problem" for br