A guide to make-up brushes: Which ones to use and when

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Trying to pick out the right make-up brush can be intimidating.  
With so many options,  and little explanation,  you can feel pretty overwhelmed.  This is completely understandable, not many people really know what each brush is actually for.  Sometimes, you come across two brushes that seemingly look the same, but are not quite identical.

With all the different types of brushes and brands out there, The Salon Outlet thought it would be great to have a visual breakdown to the basics!
  They created a list of the basic brushes you need in your arsenal to perfect a flawless look.  The picture below shows which brush is for what and why it is ideal for the cheeks, eye-shadows, blending, lining, etc.

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Make-up Brush Guide:


Eye Shadow Brush  - 
Basic eye-shadow brush used to apply colour on lid or brow-bone.

Angled Eye Shadow Brush -
Use to apply and blend eye-shadow along the crease.

Eyeliner Brush -
For precise lining with gel liner, perfect for close tight lining of the lash line.

Eyebrow Brush - 
For creating a soft, natural arch on the brows.  Can also be used to line your eyes with gel liner.


Powder Brush -
Use to apply lighter coverage powders, like blush, bronzer or loose powder.

Round Blooming Brush -
For a natural pink flush, apply in a circular motion.

Flathead Brush -
Perfect for tinted moisturisers and liquid foundation for a flawless look.

Concealer Brush - 
Keeps those fine lines and blemishes cleverly hidden.

Foundation Brush - 
For foundation application, apply in circular motion for best results.

Universal Flathead Brush -
Use to apply concealer or liquid foundation.


Angled Contour Brush -
For precise contouring along the cheekbones.

Lip Brush -
To shape bold lips.

I hope you find this guide helpful!


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