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No make-up allowed!

Hello everyone! Some schools have a really strict no make-up policy but if you follow  these  tips nobody will be able to tell you're wearing any.  Here are a few tips for your eyebrows, face, eyes and lips! Eyebrows: Grooming you eyebrows will help to open your eyes and frame your face.  Make sure to click here to find out what eyebrow shape will suit your face. Tame unruly eyebrows using an  eyebrow gel  or  clear mascara . Face: Wear a good moisturiser and a face primer .   You don't have to wear any make-up on top of it.  A good primer can reduce the appearance of enlarged pores, even out your skin tone and control shine.   You could also use a tinted moisturiser or BB cream . Remember, if you have oily skin, never  leave  the house without  blotting   sheets ! Eyes: Use an eyelash curler.  Apply a couple of coats of clear mascara to your eyelashes. Lips: Apply some lip balm .   Smile!   Your face looks great when you smile.  You do