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DIY: Enzyme peel mask

Hello everyone! Here’s another kitchen “pantry” recipe , your very own home made enzyme peel mask.   There are plenty of different recipes, but this one is my personal favourites .     Why is exfoliation so important?  Dead skin cells, besides leaving behind a dull complexion, can clog your pores, causing breakouts and blackheads . Fruit enzymes are the gentlest type of chemical exfoliation.  Enzyme exfoliation removes dead skin cells by biological action rather than physical abrasion. Unlike scrubs, this peel mask is safe to use on fragile capillaries and sensitive skin . Ingredients (preferably certified organic) : 3 tablespoons of ripe papaya 1 teaspoon of honey 1 teaspoon lime juice Why is a papaya-honey-lime mask a fantastic choice?  Papaya is naturally high in healing enzymes, which means that it literally “eats” dead skin cells.  Lime is known for its skin brightening properties, the citric acid will aid the papaya in the removal of dead cells, whi