Quiz: What does your hair say about you?

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We are told never to judge a book by its cover, but we think it's okay to judge a woman by her hair.  Take this quiz to see what your hair say about you.

1. How much time do you spend on your hair each morning? 

A. 5-10 minutes 
B. Less than 5 minutes 
C. 10-20 minutes 
D. More than 20 minutes 

2. How often do you get a new hairstyle? 

A. Just a trim now and then 
B. Had the same style since high school 
C. Every chance I get 
D. Very rarely – a new style would require new head shots 

3. Regarding hair product, your bathroom: 

A. Has a couple of products my stylist convinced me to buy that I rarely use 
B. Shampoo and conditioner only 
C. Is overflowing with sprays, mousses, waxes, gels and more 
D. Has a solid inventory of the necessary basics like hairspray, smoothing serum and volumiser 

4. In a word, how would you describe your hair? 

A. Pretty 
B. Carefree 
C. Edgy 
D. Polished 

5. Your hair icon is: 

A. Taylor Swift 
B. Jennifer Aniston 
C. Lady Gaga 
D. Katie Couric 

6. If you have a bad hair day: 

A. I’ll wear a cute headband. 
B. There’s no such thing. A ponytail is a ponytail. 
C. There is nothing some spiking glue can’t fix. If all else fails, I’ll throw on a funky hat.
D. With the right product, tools and manipulation, I can get my hair to do anything I want it to do.

7. Do you use any heat tools (straightening iron, curling iron) in your hair? 

A. A curling iron to smooth out my natural curls 
B. Any what? 
C. Of course! 
D. Yes, but I rely more on rollers and a blow-dryer. 

8. Do you colour your hair? 

A. I’ll consider natural highlights 
B. Nope 
C. Are you kidding? All the time! 
D. To cover my gray 

9. Your feelings towards hair accessories? 

A. I like simple barrettes and sweet headbands 
B. Does a ponytail holder count? 
C. My hair is an accessory 
D. Never 

10. On a scale of 1-10 (10 being of extreme importance), how important is your hair to you? 

A. 5 - Normal. I don't obsess, but I do care 
B. 2 - Blah... there are bigger and better things to care about. 
C. 10 - My hair is everything to me 
D. 8 - It's pretty important 

Your results:

Mostly As: Romantic

You prefer long, loose wavy locks, which bespeaks an amorous character. You’re very emotional, and matters of the heart run deep with you. You are gentle, sweet and sincere - a good listener whom your friends trust and any man would be lucky to call his own.

Mostly Bs: Laid-back

You are a hippy at heart! Styling tools and hair gel are like a foreign language to you. You are all about going au naturel. More than three minutes spent on your hair is time wasted that could have been spent doing something much more spiritually fulfilling, like yoga.

Mostly Cs: Dramatic

You are confident, bold and like to experiment with styles and colours  which means you have a daring side. You hate the norm, are exhilarated by life’s curve balls and enjoy being in the spotlight for your unique sense of style and zest for life.

Mostly Ds: Assertive

You prefer refined, polished styling that always looks professional. You are detail-oriented, if not a bit anal-retentive, and thrive on order and discipline - right down to believing every hair on your head has a proper place. You walk tall and speak your mind authoritatively.

Quiz by SheKnows.com

According to this quiz I am Dramatic!!  I always thought of my hair as laid-back and carefree, but I have to admit, I am a product junkie.  Share your results in the comments below!


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