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Beauty uses of rose water

Hello everyone! I recently started using rose water as a facial toner and I love it!  As I told you in a previous post, I normally use (undiluted) distilled witch hazel but lately my skin is much more sensitive so I wanted to try a milder toner.  For years, this was the only product that my mother would use on her skin and her skin is gorgeous. What is rose water? Rose water is a by-product of the production of rose oil through distillation of pure fresh rose petals.  Did you know that rose water has several beauty  uses and  benefits? Beauty uses of rose water: Rose water is a well-known for its natural anti-septic , anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Rose water can help reduce skin inflammation, lines and wrinkles .     Apply rose water to cleansed skin to reduce swollen and inflamed acne . You could also dip a cotton disk in rose water and place it on your eyelids for a soothing feeling that helps cool tired eyes. You can also combine a

Is your shampoo stripping your hair?

Is your shampoo stripping your hair of moisture?  Does your shampoo contain sulphates ?   Sulphates ( sulfates ) are  the agents that make cleansing products lather .   Most shampoos contain   Sodium Laureth Sulfate  and Sodium Lauryl Sulfate .  These ingredients, which are standard for most shampoo (and household cleaning products), strips the hair from natural oils, over-dry the hair and cause frizz  ( especially in   curly hair).  Sulphates also damage   coloured hair.  In fact, after a chemical treatment, colouring or hair extensions, hair stylists will often recommend a sulphate-free shampoo and conditioner. Without sulphates there is no lather when you wash your hair so it takes some getting used to.  Cleansing your hair with a sulphate-free shampoo is very similar to co-washing (washing with conditioner only).  If you choose to co-wash, always use a sulphate-free and silicone-free conditioner. However, if you use silicone-based hair products (conditioner

Quiz: What's your beauty personality?

Hello everyone!  I came across a beauty personality quiz on , and I thought I’d share it with you. What's your beauty personality?  Natural? Trendy? Classic?  Take this quiz and find out. 1. How often do you wear your hair in its natural texture? A.  At least a few days a week.  I love waves and curls! B.  It depends on my outfit and where I'm off to. C.  Never - I only like my hair straight and sleek. 2. How many times have you changed your hair colour this year? A.  Not often (if at all).  I choose shades that allow for months between touch-ups. B.  Every chance I get!  I love to experiment to fit my mood. C.  As soon as I see roots.  Having my colour look perfect is a priority. 3. What do you NEVER leave the house without? A.  A swipe of sheer gloss on my lips - it brightens up my entire face. B.  Full eye make-up - I just don't look like myself without it. C.  My entire "face" done.  I could run into my ex on the s

DIY: Natural nail strengthener

Hello everyone! For some it can be difficult to grow long, beautiful nails.  In order for nails to grow healthily, it is important to prevent them from becoming weak and dry.  Ironically, some commercial nail strengtheners contain   harsh chemicals   that can harm your nails.   Creating your own   natural nail strengthener   could be the answer to beautiful natural nails. Ingredients: 3 tsp castor oil   2 tsp salt   1 tsp wheat germ oil Method: Pour all ingredients into a sealable bottle.   Shake well before each use. Rub a small amount of the mixture on each nail.   Leave on for 5-10 minutes.   Wipe off with a cotton pad. It is safe to use this DIY beauty product every day until you are satisfied with the strength of your nails. Do you find it difficult to grow long, natural nails?  Will you try this DIY? XOXO Euphrasie85 Related posts: Tips for healthy cuticles So many nail shaping options! DIY: Pedicure Photo from here .

Gisele Bündchen’s signature sexy waves (no-heat)

Find out how to get the Brazilian supermodel's long sexy beach waves – no heat required . Supermodel Gisele Bundchen always wears her blond locks in relaxed waves.    This hairstyle gives her a natural,  laid-back  look. I haven’t used my hairdryer or my straightener in months and instead  I've  been using this method to attaining gorgeous hair, with little effort.   It’s easy, effective and it takes no time at all.    All you need is damp hair, a hair tie and your favourite styling product. Method: Wash and condition your hair as usual. Towel dry your hair. Apply your  favourite  product to damp hair.   It’s important that your hair is damp, not soaking wet. Twist your hair up into a bun at the top of your head/top knot and secure it with a hair tie. When hair is dry, undo the top knot, f inger comb your hair and you’re done! Tips: You could smooth some serum over your hair once it’s completely dry to prevent frizz. You can t

Would you use placenta shampoo?

Placenta shampoo ?!  Yes,  placenta aka afterbirth , which forms around the fetus in the first stage of mammalian pregnancies, is being used in   hair care products .   There are shampoos, conditioners and hair masks on the market that contain placenta.   The nutritional benefits of eating placenta (placentophagy) have long been discussed however,  placenta in shampoos is a more recent idea.   Placenta is also being used in various skincare products .  Some believe that placenta can help rejuvenate body cells and ward off signs of aging.    The protein in the placenta is supposed to be beneficial for the hair.   These shampoos claim to revitalise hair , repair split ends, restore manageability and renew shine and bounce.   However there’s no scientific evidence to back up this claim. The practice   of using placenta on the hair and skin is believed to have been popular in ancient Egypt and it was believed that Marie Antoinette consumed placenta as a nutritious drin