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I've been having a bit of blogger's block lately so I thought I’d post this “About Me” tag post so you can get to know me better…
Do you have a middle name? 
No.  My full name is Cosette Zammit – First name and last name, no middle name.

What was your favourite subject in school? 
My favourite subject was Spanish but I have a BA Honours degree in Social Studies, so maybe I should say Social Studies! J

What’s your favourite drink? 
Water *yawn*

Favourite song at the moment? 
I love music and can’t go a day without it.  At the moment I love Ma vie au soleil by Keen’V (a French song). 

Fact: I love French music.  I listen to M Pokora, Shy’m, Keen’V, Sexion D’Assure, Tal….

What would you name your children? 
I have no idea.  Maybe a French name…to keep the family tradition going!

Do you participate in any sports? 
No.  I hoop, does that count?

Favourite book? 
I don’t really have a favourite book.  I usually read psychological thrillers!

Favourite colour
I don’t discriminate, I love all colours equally!

Guinea pig!  

L by Lolita Lempicka and I also love Playboy’s Play it spicy.


Have you graduated High School? 
I went to Kindergarten, Primary School, Secondary School, Post-Secondary School and graduated from University.  We don’t have (U.S. type) high schools here in Malta.

Have you been out of the country? 
Yes, but there are still plenty of countries I want to visit.

Do you speak any other languages? 
Malta’s official languages are Maltese and English.  Besides those two languages, I also speak Italian, Spanish and French.  So feel free to leave your comments in any of those languages!

Do you have any siblings? 
I have an older brother, Bertrand.

What’s your favourite store? 
Any store that sells cute clothes, shoes and accessories!

Favourite restaurant? 
My kitchen…I don’t like other people touching my food.

Did you like school? 
I guess…though I hated the uniforms! L

Favourite YouTubers?  
Cassandra (DiamondsAndHeels14), Andrea (AndreasChoice) and Kandee (kandeejohnson).

Favourite movie? 
I watch a lot of movies; I don’t have a favourite one though.

Favourite TV show?
I never miss an episode of How I Met Your Mother, Melissa & Joey, Gossip Girl or 90210.

PC or Mac? 

What phone do you have? 
Actually, I need to buy a new one.

How tall are you? 

Hope you enjoyed this tag post.  I tag all of you!  Leave a comment with your answers.


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