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DIY: Yummy facial scrub/mask

Hello everyone! This is a recipe for an inexpensive, easy and 100% natural scrub/mask .  This scrub/mask can be used on all skin types and it’s extremely beneficial for those who suffer from acne, acne scars or dry skin. Ingredients: 1)  Sugar - 6 tablespoons The main ingredient for this recipe is sugar.  Sugar works as a natural exfoliate helping to break up scar tissue.  It unclogges and reduces the appearance of larger pores.  Sugar is also very moisturising. 2)  Apple cider vinegar (ACV) – 1 tablespoon ACV gently dissolves dead skin cells.   It exfoliates the skin breaking up scar tissue (helping even indented acne scars) and it’s also a great skin detoxifier.   It also contains vitamins A, E, C, B2, B6 and P which repair skin cells for softer skin. 3)  Honey – 1 tablespoon Honey is a natural anti-inflammatory and helps the skin retain moisture.  It reduces redness and stimulates skin cell renewal.  It also has anti-ageing benefits and